We love our gardens and lawns. The most important part of deciding what company to hire as your irrigation system installer or repair/maintenance company is whether or not they love what they do. Are they passionate about irrigation the way sports buffs are passionate about their fantasy football teams? Do they eat, breath and sleep irrigation?

At Pax, we absolutely love what we do but we’re not obsessed with it either. We’re professionals with families and regular lives that love making peoples’ gardens and lawns look perfect! Are we eating, breathing and sleeping irrigation? No, because that would be weird. But we love it enough to ensure your project comes out great and is completed quickly, because that’s what real professionals do.

We have the experience needed to make sure we don’t overwater your plants or leave them too dry. That perfect balance where they receive the right amount of nutrients is important and having a team available to not only install, but regulate this process properly is crucial.

One time, we saved an entire tiny garden that was being killed by an evil drain from a gutter. That gutter didn’t care that it was creating a devastating situation for the plants that lived at the end of that drain, but we did. We adjusted it so that drainage would go somewhere safe for surrounding vegetation. We then put those flowers, shrubs and grass on life support with the right dosage of high quality H2O, delivered in regular showers at cooler times of the day. That little bit of water and Pax love was all that little garden needed to become healthy and beautiful.

Was that job a hassle? A little. Was our response that necessary in the grand scheme of things? Yes! Now, you might wonder why we would go so hard in the paint for such a small garden. Simple. Irrigation is something we love. We’ll adopt your vegetation like we birthed it from our loins.

If you’ve gotten this far, what is there to even think about? Who else’s website has such a clever “about” page? If you’ve gotten this far, Pax Irrigation is the right company for you!

The grass is always greener with Pax!

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How do we get such excellent results?
We’ve done countless residential and commercial jobs, so we know what we’re doing. From designing a proper system that fits your needs to installation, you can expect a great sprinkler and irrigation system that’s beautiful and effective.

Does Pax do Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance?
Yes. As a matter of fact, large portion of our customers take advantage of our maintenance and occasional repair services. We even take new customers and update or repair their irrigation systems.

Is Pax Irrigation an affordable option?
Yes. Although our work is professional and extremely high quality, we ensure our prices are affordable for people of any budget.

What areas does Pax service?
We generally work all across South Florida but focus heavily on:

  • Pembroke Pines
  • Miramar
  • Weston
  • Southwest Ranches
  • Miami Lakes
  • PSN

What makes Pax such a favorite of the residents in Pembroke Pines?
Aside from being devilishly good-looking (well, most of us, at least), we also provide exceptional service and deliver quality work. When clients question our proficiency in irrigation, we laugh because we know how amazing we truly are.

Why is this page funny?
We understand almost nobody gets to the last FAQ’s on most websites.That doesn’t, however, change the fact that there will be one or two people in the span of the next 5 years that will have read this entire website, including this wondrous section.

These people are very interesting folks who really need to dig deep in order to make sure the company they’re contracting to do this type of work is credible and respectable. Well, you will be pleased to know that we have even taken the time to make this section of the site entertaining for the handful of you willing to dig deep into a site’s content.

On a very serious note, we’ve spent years providing quality service to all our amazing neighbors, friends and family. We take pride in delivering exceptional work, and we do so with a smile. We understand how incredibly challenging life can be- we’ve all experienced our very own version of life’s rollercoaster but instead of letting the dark and difficult times define us, we allow them to simply shine like a beacon that guides our vessel to a better place.

Why is this page funny? Because we all need to smile and laugh a little. Ultimately, it’s this collection of intangible memories and laughs that we share with one another that really defines each and every one of us.