Pembroke Pines Irrigation and Sprinkler System Services


By hiring our professional lawn sprinkler company, it’s possible to get quality services and the best products available. Our team offers efficient and quality installation and maintenance solutions that you can count on. We can also help you make the right decision based on your yard and personal needs. We will provide the support and resources necessary to ensure you are completely satisfied with the system you install.

Sprinkler System Installation Services

Are you ready to take the hassle and manual labor out of watering your lawn, garden, and plants? If so, one of the best investments you can make is to install a sprinkler system. We understand many people are weekend DIY warriors, but we cannot stress enough how this is one of those projects that are better left to professionals.

​These systems are complex, require hard labor, and a certain level of expertise to ensure everything works at an optimum level which is why we suggest hiring our team to handle the job. With our help, you can feel confident the right system will be selected for your yard and that it will meet the demands of the property, regardless of how big or small the yard and outside area may be.

During the installation, our team will work with you to determine the right type and size of the system and ensure that minimal disruption occurs in your yard. This will completely eliminate any stress and hassle that you would otherwise have to contend with if you were to attempt this project on your own. Your install will be comprehensive and efficient in order to guarantee your plants and your property get all the benefits you expect.

Type of Irrigation Service Needed *

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Install or upgrade to a new lawn sprinkler or ​irrigation system for your residence or commercial property.

Repair a broken or malfunctioning part of your lawn sprinkler system on your property.

Schedule regular maintenance of your home or office irrigation system to ensure it works properly.

Drip Irrigation

Install a professionally designed and calibrated irrigation system for your outdoor space.​

Timers and Controllers

Set your lawn sprinkler and irrigation system on autopilot with a timer or smart controller.

Sprinkler System Design

Affordable and Professionally designed sprinkler system by an expert with years of experience.



Sprinkler System Repairs and Upgrades

Along with installing new systems, we can also provide repairs and upgrades for your existing system. Just like any other mechanical system, sprinkler systems won’t work properly, forever, especially if the installation done by another company was shotty or if the equipment they used was cheap or defective. Even if everything was done properly the first time, through the years, they will experience wear and tear, which can cause serious problems. If you’ve noticed an issue with your sprinkler system, now is the time to call our team for an inspection. We can determine what the underlying issues may be and can effectively make the needed repairs.

Along with repairing any issues that are present, our team can also upgrade your system, as needed. Perhaps you want to start controlling your lawn’s irrigation schedule from your smartphone or computer or perhaps your need to distribute water more evenly and efficiently across your lawn. We can install new sprinkler heads, new timers or smart controllers, and other components that will help ensure your system remains efficient and effective for your lawn and garden. This is crucial to ensuring that your plants are getting the hydration needed to remain healthy and experience ongoing growth.

Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Head Adjustments

Have your sprinklers started to water the sidewalk instead of your lawn? Maybe they’re unnecessarily washing your car every night while you slumber. If so, this is a tell-tale sign that adjustments are needed. Our team can evaluate the existing state of your sprinkler system and make professional recommendations regarding the changes or fixes that are needed to restore proper function and efficiency.

While adjusting your sprinkler system may not seem like that hard of a process, if you make a mistake, you may accidentally break a sprinkler head or another component of the sprinkler system. This would simply add unnecessary costs by creating a situation where the part has to be replaced when in reality, it could have been a quick and simple adjustment. Avoid this by contacting us to handle any adjustments that are needed for your system to return to its optimum state.

​Monthly or Bi-Monthly Wet Checks (Tune-Up Services)

It does not matter if you have an in-ground sprinkler system, a garden sprinkler, or another style, you can feel confident that our team will help maintain it throughout the year. In fact, you can schedule ongoing, regular service to ensure it continues working properly and efficiently.

Our maintenance for your lawn sprinkler will ensure that all the components are working properly and that there are no serious issues with the system. These processes also provide an extra level of security that your system is environmentally conscious and is not being wasteful with water. This doesn’t also help with water conservation, but as previously mentioned, this also contributes to cost-cutting.


I hired these guys to repair our lawn sprinklers and to install a smart controller about 2 weeks ago. Fernando was great to work with. He offered great customer service and was very nice. They did such a great job, definitely recommend to anybody.

-Amanda P.

Thank you for fixing my garden and lawn. It looks greener and healthier already. Great job! Highly recommended these guys to install your sprinklers.

– Clarence R.

Something happened to my timer and my sprinklers started turning on when they weren’t supposed to. The gentleman that came by was really professional and thorough. He fixed my timer and also replaced a few sprinkler heads. I would definitely recommend these guys to do any repairs on your sprinkler system.

-Samuel D.