Pembroke Pines Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler System Installation Services

Water is an essential part of life. Not only do people need water, so do your plants, trees, and grass. The right amount of water delivered consistently will be the reason your landscape looks absolutely healthy and perfect year-round. Unfortunately, pulling a water hose across your lawn and property can be tiresome and frustrating. What if there was a better option?
​With the help of Pax Irrigation, you can get quality, automatic lawn sprinkler installation services. With an automatic sprinkler system, your days of manually watering your lawn and garden are over. There are huge benefits to installing an in-ground sprinkler system that will ultimately benefit your plants and your property.

Sprinkler System Automation Installation Services

Thanks to the use of features like a sprinkler timer and a smart sprinkler controller, you can have complete control of when your system comes on, how long it stays on, and an array of other components that ensure your lawn remains properly watered at all times, throughout the year.

Automatic sprinkler systems will not only make the watering process easier, but they also help with the beauty of your lawn and garden and can help reduce water costs. You don’t even have to be home to water your plants. It’s that convenient.

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Increase Home Value

Once a professional sprinkler system is installed, your home’s value will certainly increase. One reason is because the proper watering will improve your plants’ health and subsequently their vibrance. In addition, the fact there’s sprinkler installed is a feature that will have a positive effect on the price you can propose to potential buyers in the event you decide to sell your home.

​Prevent Disease and Weeds in Your Plants

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t enjoy weeding your garden. With the targeted spray of your sprinkler system, you can ensure water will get to the roots and help the plants grow strong. This helps to keep the weed seeds from fully germinating. Also, when the water is sprayed on the leaves, it’s possible to reduce the likelihood of leaf diseases or blight.



Maintain the Nutrient Balance in the Soil

If you overwater your yard, it can cause the soil to lose many of the nutrients that plants need. If you have a controlled or automated distribution of water with your irrigation system, you don’t have to worry about any issues occurring. The opposite is also possible in the event there’s a shortage of rain or your plants are under-watered- this will negatively affect your plants by not providing the necessary water to grow strong and healthy. ​

You Are Always in Control

Thanks to the smart sprinkler control valve options available today, you are always in control of what is going on with your sprinkler system. Just like the other smart components in your home, this is one that will provide you with complete control no matter where you are.

Also, if there are issues with the sprinkler valves or the sprinkler manifold, you can receive alerts through your control center in your app. This makes troubleshooting and repairs a breeze.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to have an in-ground sprinkler system installed, contact us. We offer residents of Pembroke Pines and now all of Broward County an amazing service when they search sprinkler installation near me. We absolutely guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our professionalism, punctuality, and the solutions we offer. If you are ready to get started and have a quality sprinkler system installed, call today. Our team will properly handle the job and ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.


I hired these guys to repair our lawn sprinklers and to install a smart controller about 2 weeks ago. Fernando was great to work with. He offered great customer service and was very nice. They did such a great job, definitely recommend to anybody.

-Amanda P.

Thank you for fixing my garden and lawn. It looks greener and healthier already. Great job! Highly recommended these guys to install your sprinklers.

– Clarence R.

Something happened to my timer and my sprinklers started turning on when they weren’t supposed to. The gentleman that came by was really professional and thorough. He fixed my timer and also replaced a few sprinkler heads. I would definitely recommend these guys to do any repairs on your sprinkler system.

-Samuel D.