Pembroke Pines Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance Services

It’s not easy keeping your landscape green and beautiful year-round and surely mother nature can’t be trusted to maintain a perfect lawn and garden. This is why it’s so important for residential and commercial property owners to properly enlist the help of a professional irrigation and sprinkler system company to periodically inspect and maintain their automatic irrigation and sprinkler systems.
The truth is, your plants require a consistent and accurate supply of water to maintain their optimum aesthetic, and the only way to regulate that is with a well-maintained irrigation system. Modern underground sprinkler systems not only automate the process of watering your landscape, but also look sophisticated and clean. As you can imagine, however, these mechanical devices will require maintenance to ensure they continue to help your plants grow healthy, conserve water, and save you money especially considering the climate in South Florida, which can be really harsh.

Many residents of Pembroke Pines will search google for something like “irrigation and sprinkler maintenance near me”. Although the other companies that appear are also excellent at what they do, Pax is the only one we know for sure is capable of providing professional service and expert quality results; those are the traits ingrained in the DNA of our company.

Protect your investment and ensure your sprinkler system continues to run effectively and efficiently with periodic maintenance. Here are a few clues you can easily spot that will indicate the need for maintenance on your sprinklers.

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Irregular or Spotty Stream of Water

An irregular or spotty stream of water coming out of a sprinkler system can drastically affect the effectiveness of the entire system. When water doesn’t flow freely, your lawn, plants, and garden will not be able to benefit from having a properly calibrated irrigation system. Occasional inspection and maintenance is an affordable way to ensure this is never an issue.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can create serious problems for your lawn. The backflow preventer valves can cause your sprinkler system to experience low water pressure when they aren’t open fully. There’s a horizontal and vertical pipe in your backflow preventer that can be adjusted. If one of these pipes is partially turned on, and water is restricted from flowing freely, you’ll notice your sprinklers will no longer be able to properly water your lawn and garden. This type of issue requires maintenance to properly configure water flow so that your landscape could look and be as healthy as possible.



Unusual and Incorrect Positioning of the Sprinkler Head

Your sprinkler head is set to face the direction that is most important in ensuring there is even watering of your lawn and garden. One of the most noticeable reasons to get maintenance is a head that faces the wrong direction. Many people find that fixing this issue themselves can lead to further damaging the system.

A Smart Controller for a Smarter Sprinkler System

Thanks to technology and the options for smart sprinkler control valves, you have the ability to always be in control of what is going on with your sprinkler system. You have other smart components in your house already. Add to the mix the luxury of not only controlling your temperature and lights, but also your irrigation system.

Troubleshooting issues and scheduling the proper repairs is also a breeze now. This new system can alert you whenever there’s an obstruction or issue so you can quickly and easily schedule a maintenance call with your favorite irrigation company.

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If you’re ready to have an in-ground sprinkler system professionally inspected and maintained, contact us. We offer residents of Pembroke Pines and now all of Broward County the service they expect when they search sprinkler system maintenance near me. Our professionalism, punctuality, and expertise are the reasons our clients are always so satisfied with our service. If you’re ready to have your system maintained so that it works as good as the day you installed it, call today. Our team will make sure you’re completely satisfied with our service by properly handling the job.


I hired these guys to repair our lawn sprinklers and to install a smart controller about 2 weeks ago. Fernando was great to work with. He offered great customer service and was very nice. They did such a great job, definitely recommend to anybody.

-Amanda P.

Thank you for fixing my garden and lawn. It looks greener and healthier already. Great job! Highly recommended these guys to install your sprinklers.

– Clarence R.

Something happened to my timer and my sprinklers started turning on when they weren’t supposed to. The gentleman that came by was really professional and thorough. He fixed my timer and also replaced a few sprinkler heads. I would definitely recommend these guys to do any repairs on your sprinkler system.

-Samuel D.