Pembroke Pines Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services

If you want a beautiful landscape year-round, you probably know you can’t rely solely on Mother Nature to handle your watering needs. This is where a properly functioning irrigation system is incredibly helpful. Unfortunately, these mechanical systems occasionally break or get damaged and stop working as well.
If you live in Pembroke Pines, or any part of Broward, for that matter, and you’ve typed in sprinkler repair near me, we’re sure our website came up along with the websites of some of our top competitors. The truth is that while their irrigation system repair is excellent, ours is the only one we can stand behind with 100% certainty that you’ll be satisfied. When we repair your sprinkler system, we ensure it works effectively and efficiently.

There are many signs that may tip you off that your system is malfunctioning and needs repair. Below are a couple of examples of situations that would suggest it’s time to call on our team of professionals at Pax Irrigation for lawn sprinkler repair.

One important fact to consider is that although some of the jobs appear simple enough, DIY repairs may cause more issues than originally were there, to begin with, which is why you should leave the diagnosis and repairs to us. Pax will come in to quickly diagnose your problem and offer an affordable solution, so your lawn and garden can return to beautiful and healthy in no time.

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Uneven Watering

Are you noticing the sudden emergence of patches of yellow grass? Perhaps there is a pooling or puddling of water in the yard on days with little to no rainfall. If so, it’s very possible that there is something going on with your irrigation system. Sometimes, a simple sprinkler valve replacement is all that’s needed. However, in other cases, it can be a more significant repair like problematic sprinkler heads. Luckily, lawn sprinkler heads can be adjusted relatively easily, but if they’re broken, then sprinkler head replacement will be necessary.

Although the job itself is rarely that complicated, it’s much faster and easier to have a professional that can quickly diagnose the problem from the onset and repair the problem. This will eliminate wasting any of your time on a task that can become drawn out and arduous.

Dripping Control Valves – Irrigation System Repair

Your sprinkler system’s control valves are responsible for regulating the water supply. If the valves begin to leak or drip, it can cause higher water bills. This is a clear indication you should call for a sprinkler system check-up and possible repair. The professionals at Pax are prepared to fix this if you’re experiencing either situation. If you’re unable to find the problem, you can feel confident that our team will.



Sputtering Lawn Sprinkler Heads

Another sign that it’s time to call for irrigation system repair is if your sprinklers heads are spraying water where it should not be. In some cases, this could be because the pop-up heads are not in the proper position and they may need to be readjusted. Sometimes, the issue could be a clogged “O-ring.” If this happens, simply check the head for any dirt. If this does not fix the issue, be sure to check out the pressure settings for your sprinkler heads and control valves.

Fluctuating Pressure and Sprinkler Valve Replacement

Sometimes, irrigation system repair is needed if the pressure from the system is fluctuating. If there is a loss in pressure, the sprinkler will not work properly. However, if the pressure is too high, it may cause serious damage to the system. In both situations, take a look at the control regulators and valves. If you are unable to determine the cause, it is best to call the professionals right away. This will ensure there is no long-term damage to your underground pipes and valves that would later require a more extensive repair job.​

Call Our Team for Help

If you need a residential sprinkler repair or commercial sprinkler repair services, there are several things to consider. Our team can help ensure that the underlying issue is found and that it is repaired properly the first time. When you’re dealing with issues related to your irrigation system, calling the professionals is a must and there are no better professionals in all of South Florida than the team at Pax Irrigation.

Are you ready to experience exceptional sprinkler and irrigation system repair? Do you need more information or advice about what could be adversely affecting your lawn? If so, contact us for help today.


I hired these guys to repair our lawn sprinklers and to install a smart controller about 2 weeks ago. Fernando was great to work with. He offered great customer service and was very nice. They did such a great job, definitely recommend to anybody.

-Amanda P.

Thank you for fixing my garden and lawn. It looks greener and healthier already. Great job! Highly recommended these guys to install your sprinklers.

– Clarence R.

Something happened to my timer and my sprinklers started turning on when they weren’t supposed to. The gentleman that came by was really professional and thorough. He fixed my timer and also replaced a few sprinkler heads. I would definitely recommend these guys to do any repairs on your sprinkler system.

-Samuel D.